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VII Transatlantic IP Summer Academy

NOTICE: This programme has ended - registration is no longer possible
Start date: 09/09/2013
End date: 13/09/2013
Number of hours: 35


PROGRAM (in PDF format)



Bocconi University is organizing in September 2013 its Seventh Transatlantic Intellectual Property Summer Academy, jointly with the Magister Lvcentinvs on Intellectual Property (University of Alicante, and in cooperation with the University of Trento. Considering the growing role and importance of Intellectual Property in the globalized knowledge-based economy, the European and North-American systems of Intellectual Property protection are confronted with the emergence of new models of protection and management of IP: indeed, there is a real need in, Europe, North America, and fast growing Latin American Countries to reflect together and better share Intellectual Property knowledge and in depth understanding of common Intellectual Property issues. This one week course will focus on IP Rights as economic opportunities, and management of IP Rights in the Transatlantic area including in Latin American Countries, with an inter-disciplinary approach, comprising IP law, IP economics, IP business and IP operational practicalities at an international level.

Thanks to lectures held by leading IP scholars and researchers from 10 countries in Europe and the Americas, participants will have a broad perspective on main IP Protection and Management issues, including in University-Business cooperation, especially at an international and comparative level.

The horizontal and dynamic teaching system will give participants the opportunity to embrace all aspects of IP Rights management in real life by involving case and example studies, practical exercises as well as direct contact with IP operators.

For all lessons, a participatory and interactive teaching approach is chosen, involving business case examples and studies, practical exercises and direct contact opportunities with IP operators and companies in a dynamic, horizontal and open work environment. In addition, free tutor assistance will be available to the participants, in order to ensure cohesion between the participants.

The program (cf. Annex) is composed of three modules (Protection, Management, Exploitation). While it is recommended to participants to attend the whole program, registrations are also allowed, in limited number, for two of the modules only. Participants attending a single module will receive the teaching material corresponding to classes covered and the corresponding certificate.


September 9-13, 2013
University of Alicante (Venue to be confirmed)


Bocconi University / Magister Lvcentinvs (University of Alicante) in cooperation with:
- The European Patent Office: EPO Academy
- The European Union (Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market)
- University of Trento
- Case Western Reserve University School of Law (USA)
- CNRS (CECOJI- Paris, France)
- Italian Universities (State University of Milan, Polytechnic University of Milan, + Normale St. Anna of Pisa)
- Interuniversity Centre on the Law of International Economic Organizations (CIDOIE – Italy)


English only (administrative assistance offered in English and Spanish).


- Graduate Degree in Law, Economics or Engineering,
- Master Degree on IP
- PhD Candidates
- Researchers and professionals working in TTOs.


- 35 hours teaching program;
- Visits to IP operators;
- Printed and online teaching material to each course participant;
- Participants will have full access to the University of Alicante facilities (Library, electronic resources, WIFI, and all premises).

An optional daily recreational program is available in advance to participants and includes
- invitations to cultural activities
- free of charge social activities and activities at limited costs


Whole Program: EUR 500.
Modules A and B (Monday to Wednesday: EUR 300
Module C (Thursday and Friday): EUR 300.
The price includes lunch meals and tea breaks.
Participants should book and pay directly their travel, accommodation and evening meal. For accommodation, students are recommended to book a room in Villa Universitaria:
Participants from Organizing Partners are eligible for reduced registration fees.
For registration please access:
Please note that during the month of August the University of Alicante is closed. Any application sent during that period while be processed the first week of September.


Is limited to 30


Directors of the VII Edition: Laurent Manderieux (Bocconi University) / Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella (University of Alicante)

The inter-disciplinary International Faculty is constituted by Bocconi Professors (Breschi, Dordi, Manderieux, Sacerdoti) and Professors /Department Directors/ Deans from each partner and cooperating institution, including Professors Nard (Director, Case Western Law School, USA), Cornu (Director, CNRS –CECOJI, France), Lametti (Director, IP Center, McGill University, Montreal, Canada), Campling (Director, EPO Academy), Rogers (Penn State University, USA), Lupone (CIDOIE + Milan State University, Italy), Desantes, Lopez Tarruella (Alicante University - Magister Lvcentinvs, Spain), Margoni (Amsterdam University IViR)


Attendance certificates are granted to participants. Universities giving credits to students for attendance establish their appropriate policies, in accordance with their own internal rules.
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