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Elective Subjects - Master’s Program in Political Leadership and Public Management of Political and Administrative Institutions

NOTICE: This programme has ended - registration is no longer possible
Start date: 09/09/2013
End date: 30/06/2014


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The University of Alicante, through the Area of Political Science and Administration (Department of State Legal Studies) aims at contributing to the process of institutional modernization and strengthening of governments and public institutions, via the dissemination of knowledge and advanced management techniques.
The Online Master’s Program in Political Leadership and Public Management of Political and Administrative Institutions is offered within the framework of the IV Postgraduate Program in Public Management. The Program employs modern technology and advanced educational methods, in accordance with the model determined by the European Higher Education Area. Its modular structure allows students to register in the entire Program or in the Specialist and Expert courses.
These courses have been designed to achieve profound specialization in the area of political leadership and public management on all levels (central, regional and local).


Active politicians, individuals with political interests and vocation, syndicates, personnel of public administrations and third sector organizations, as well as university graduates with special interest in politics and new public management, who wish to address current problems that challenge democracy and good governance.

To be accepted in the Master’s Program and the Specialist in Public Management course, applicants must hold a university degree, diploma or the equivalent.
To be accepted in the Expert in Political Leadership course, holding a university degree is not a prerequisite. However, relative professional experience and activity must be demonstrated in this case.


Address capacity building demands in public institutions, political parties and the third sector, in the area of public management, in accordance with the changes required by the public sector in the framework of a knowledge-and-information-based society.
Focus on designing strategies and offering solutions to public demands (as presented in the different courses), offering therefore modern tools and methods to analyze and resolve problems.


Common Subjects (Master’s, Expert, Specialist)
1. Virtual Instruments and Course Methodology: 1 credit, 200 €.
2. Political Systems and State Theory: 1.5 credits, 200 €.
3. Political and Administrative Thought and Contemporary Political Ideologies: 1.5 credits, 200 €.
4. Comparative Political and Administrative Systems: 1.5 credits, 200 €.
5. Democratic Governance, Citizen Participation and Civil Society: 1.5 credits, 200 €.
6. Public Policies: 1.5 credits, 200 €.
7. Public Ethics, Good Governance and Transparency: 1.5 credits, 200 €.

Expert in Political Leadership Subjects
8. Political Institutions and Administrative Institutions: 1 credit, 200 €.
9. E-democracy: 1credit, 200€.
10. Political Institutions and Actors. Typology and Characteristics of Political Leadership: 2 credits, 200 €.
11. Typology, Organization and Functioning of Political Parties: 1credit, 200 €.
12. Publicity and Political Communication. Social Networks: 2 credits, 200 €.
13. Electoral Processes: 1credit, 200 €.
14. Academic Project in Political Leadership: 2 credits, 200 €.

Specialist in Public Management Subjects
15. Public Administrations. Public Management Modernization: 4.5 credits, 400 €.
16. Strategic Planning and Public Management: 2.5 credits, 400 €.
17. Management of Human Capital in the Public Sphere. Communication in Public Organizations: 5 credits, 400 €.
18. The Public Budgeting Process: 2 credits, 200 €.
19. Public Management Techniques: 2 credits, 200 €.
20. Academic Project in Public Management: 4 credits, 400 €.

Subjects Specific to the Master’s Program
21. Human Rights and Social Rights: 4 credits, 400 €.
22. Political History of the World: 4 credits, 400 €.

Investigation Project
23. Master’s Final Project: 12 credits, 400 €.


Students who register in the elective courses and carry out academic activities and assignments as indicated in the study plan and pass assessments shall receive a certificate of completion from the Area of Political Science and Administration at the University of Alicante.
Required Documents
Application for elective courses/subjects takes place between July 2013 and June2014, directly through the Program´s Administrative Secretary or through the corresponding online form.
Along with the application document/form, interested applicants must send the following documents to the Program´s Administrative Secretary:
• Résumé.
• Photocopy of your passport.
• Two passport-size pictures.
• Professional accreditation (if applicable).
Tuition Fees
Subjects of 1-2 credits: 200 €
Subjects of 2.5  credits: 400 €

Fees cover admission and registration, classes and the issuance of the certificate by the Area of Political Science and Administration at the University of Alicante.

Contact details:
Location: Business School, Germán Bernácer Building, University of Alicante


Telephone: (00 34) 965 90 9373; 96 590 34 00, Ext: 2237 /

Fax: (00 34) 965 90 9369; web:

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